GTC Extensions (Stable)


 GLM_GTC_half_float: Half-precision floating-point based types and functions
 GLM_GTC_matrix_access: Access matrix rows and columns
 GLM_GTC_matrix_integer: Integer matrix types
 GLM_GTC_matrix_inverse: Additional matrix inverse function
 GLM_GTC_matrix_transform: Matrix transform functions
 GLM_GTC_noise: Procedural noise functions
 GLM_GTC_quaternion: Quaternion types and functions
 GLM_GTC_random: Random number generation
 GLM_GTC_swizzle: Swizzle 'operator' implementation
 GLM_GTC_type_precision: Vector and matrix types with defined precisions
 GLM_GTC_type_ptr: Memory layout access

Detailed Description

Functions and types that the GLSL specification doesn't define, but useful to have for a C++ program.

GTC extensions aim to be stable.

Even if it's highly unrecommended, it's possible to include all the extensions at once by including <glm/ext.hpp>. Otherwise, each extension needs to be included a specific file.