Known Issues

not Function

The GLSL keyword not is also a keyword in C++. To prevent name collisions, the GLSL not function has been implemented with the name not_.

Half Based Types

GLM supports half float number types through the extension GLM_GTC_half_float. This extension provides the types half, hvec*, hmat*x* and hquat*.

Unfortunately, C++ 98 specification doesn’t support anonymous unions which limit hvec* vector components access to x, y, z and w.

However, Visual C++ does support anonymous unions if the language extensions are enabled (/Za to disable them). In this case GLM will automatically enables the support of all component names (x,y,z,w ; r,g,b,a ; s,t,p,q).

To uniformalize the component access across types, GLM provides the define GLM_FORCE_ONLY_XYZW which will generates errors if component accesses are done using r,g,b,a or s,t,p,q.

#include <glm/glm.hpp>