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packing.hpp File Reference

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GLM_FUNC_DECL double packDouble2x32 (uvec2 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uint packHalf2x16 (vec2 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uint packSnorm2x16 (vec2 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uint packSnorm4x8 (vec4 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uint packUnorm2x16 (vec2 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uint packUnorm4x8 (vec4 const &v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL uvec2 unpackDouble2x32 (double v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL vec2 unpackHalf2x16 (uint v)
GLM_FUNC_DECL vec2 unpackSnorm2x16 (uint p)
GLM_FUNC_DECL vec4 unpackSnorm4x8 (uint p)
GLM_FUNC_DECL vec2 unpackUnorm2x16 (uint p)
GLM_FUNC_DECL vec4 unpackUnorm4x8 (uint p)

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See also
GLSL 4.20.8 specification, section 8.4 Floating-Point Pack and Unpack Functions

Definition in file packing.hpp.