GTX Extensions (Experimental)


template<typename T >
detail::tmat3x3< T > orthonormalize (const detail::tmat3x3< T > &m)
template<typename T >
detail::tvec3< T > orthonormalize (const detail::tvec3< T > &x, const detail::tvec3< T > &y)

Detailed Description

Orthonormalize matrices.

<glm/gtx/orthonormalize.hpp> need to be included to use these functionalities.

Function Documentation

detail::tmat3x3<T> glm::orthonormalize ( const detail::tmat3x3< T > &  m)

Returns the orthonormalized matrix of m.

From GLM_GTX_orthonormalize extension.

detail::tvec3<T> glm::orthonormalize ( const detail::tvec3< T > &  x,
const detail::tvec3< T > &  y 

Orthonormalizes x according y.

From GLM_GTX_orthonormalize extension.