template<typename genType >
GLM_FUNC_DECL genType::bool_type isdenormal (genType const &x)

Detailed Description

Provide functions to increase the compatibility with Cg and HLSL languages.

<glm/gtx/common.hpp> need to be included to use these functionalities.

Function Documentation

GLM_FUNC_DECL genType::bool_type glm::isdenormal ( genType const &  x)

Returns true if x is a denormalized number Numbers whose absolute value is too small to be represented in the normal format are represented in an alternate, denormalized format.

This format is less precise but can represent values closer to zero.

Template Parameters
genTypeFloating-point scalar or vector types.
See also
GLSL isnan man page
GLSL 4.20.8 specification, section 8.3 Common Functions