GLM Version 0.9.0

OpenGL Mathematics

OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a C++ mathematics library for 3D applications based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specification.

GLM provides 3D programmers with math classes and functions that are similar to GLSL or any high level GPU programming language. The idea is to have a library that has identical naming conventions and functionalities than GLSL so that when developers know GLSL, they know how to use GLM.

However, this project isn't limited by GLSL features. An extension system, based on the GLSL extension conventions, allows extended capabilities.

This library can be used with OpenGL but also for software rendering (Raytracing / Rasterisation), image processing and as much contexts as a simple math library could be used for.

GLM is written as a platform independent library and supports the following compilers:

The source code is under the MIT licence.

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