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GLM_GTX_unsigned_int: Unsigned int
GTX Extensions (Experimental)

Add support for unsigned integer for core functions. More...


typedef signed int sint


uint mod (uint x, uint y)
uint pow (uint x, uint y)
uint sqrt (uint x)

Detailed Description

Add support for unsigned integer for core functions.

<glm/gtx/unsigned_int.hpp> need to be included to use these functionalities.

Typedef Documentation

typedef signed int sint

32bit signed integer.

From GLM_GTX_unsigned_int extension.

Definition at line 36 of file unsigned_int.hpp.

Function Documentation

uint glm::gtx::unsigned_int::mod ( uint  x,
uint  y 


Returns x - y * floor(x / y) for each component in x using the floating point value y. From GLM_GTX_unsigned_int extension.

uint glm::gtx::unsigned_int::pow ( uint  x,
uint  y 

Returns x raised to the y power.

From GLM_GTX_unsigned_int extension.

uint glm::gtx::unsigned_int::sqrt ( uint  x)

Returns the positive square root of x.

From GLM_GTX_unsigned_int extension.