GLM Version 0.9.0

glm::gtc Namespace Reference

G-Truc Creation stable extensions. More...


namespace  double_float

GLM_GTC_double_float extension: Add support for double precision floating-point types.

namespace  half_float

GLM_GTC_half_float extension: Add support for half precision floating-point types.

namespace  matrix_operation

GLM_GTC_matrix_operation extension: Matrix operation functions.

namespace  matrix_projection

GLM_GTC_matrix_projection: Varius ways to build and operate on projection matrices.

namespace  matrix_transform

GLM_GTC_matrix_transform extension: Add transformation matrices.

namespace  quaternion

GLM_GTC_quaternion extension: Quaternion types and functions.

namespace  swizzle

GLM_GTC_swizzle extension.

namespace  type_precision

GLM_GTC_type_precision extension: Defined types with specific size.

namespace  type_ptr

GLM_GTC_type_ptr extension: Get access to vectors & matrices value type address.

Detailed Description

G-Truc Creation stable extensions.