GTX Extensions (Experimental)


 GLM_GTX_associated_min_max: Associated Min/Max
 GLM_GTX_bit: Extended bitwise operations
 GLM_GTX_closest_point: Find closest point
 GLM_GTX_color_cast: Color conversion
 GLM_GTX_color_space: RGB to HSV conversion
 GLM_GTX_color_space_YCoCg: RGB to YCoCg conversion
 GLM_GTX_compatibility: Cg and HLSL compatibility
 GLM_GTX_component_wise: Component wise
 GLM_GTX_constants: Provide build-in constants
 GLM_GTX_epsilon: Epsilon comparison
 GLM_GTX_euler_angles: Matrix from euler angles
 GLM_GTX_extend: Position extending
 GLM_GTX_extented_min_max: Extended min max
 GLM_GTX_fast_exponential: Fast exponentiation functions
 GLM_GTX_fast_square_root: Fast square root functions
 GLM_GTX_fast_trigonometry: Fast trigonometric functions
 GLM_GTX_gradient_paint: Procedural gradient color
 GLM_GTX_handed_coordinate_space: Space Handedness
 GLM_GTX_inertia: Intertial matrix
 GLM_GTX_int_10_10_10_2: Packed integer
 GLM_GTX_integer: Extended integer functions
 GLM_GTX_intersect: Intersection tests
 GLM_GTX_log_base: Log with base
 GLM_GTX_matrix_cross_product: Cross product matrix form
 GLM_GTX_matrix_interpolation: Rotation and translation matrix interpolation
 GLM_GTX_matrix_major_storage: Build matrix
 GLM_GTX_matrix_operation: Extended matrix operations
 GLM_GTX_matrix_query: Query matrix properties
 GLM_GTX_mixed_producte: Mixed product
 GLM_GTX_multiple: Multiples
 GLM_GTX_noise: Procedural noise functions
 GLM_GTX_norm: Vector norm calculations
 GLM_GTX_normal: Compute normals
 GLM_GTX_normalize_dot: Normalize dot product
 GLM_GTX_number_precision: Number precision
 GLM_GTX_ocl_type: OpenCL types
 GLM_GTX_optimum_pow: Optimum pow
 GLM_GTX_orthonormalize: Orthonormalize
 GLM_GTX_perpendicular: Perpendicular
 GLM_GTX_polar_coordinates: Polar coordinates
 GLM_GTX_projection: Projection
 GLM_GTX_quaternion: Extented quaternion types and functions
 GLM_GTX_random: Random
 GLM_GTX_raw_data: Raw data
 GLM_GTX_reciprocal: Reciprocal
 GLM_GTX_rotate_vector: Rotate vector
 GLM_GTX_simd_mat4: SIMD mat4 type and functions
 GLM_GTX_simd_vec4: SIMD vec4 type and functions
 GLM_GTX_spline: Spline
 GLM_GTX_std_based_type: Add types based on STL
 GLM_GTX_string_cast: String cast
 GLM_GTX_transform: Extented transformation matrices
 GLM_GTX_transform2: Extra transformation matrices
 GLM_GTX_ulp: Accuracy measurement
 GLM_GTX_vec1: Add vec1 types
 GLM_GTX_vector_access: Vector access
 GLM_GTX_vector_angle: Vector angle
 GLM_GTX_vector_query: Vector query
 GLM_GTX_verbose_operator: Verbose operator
 GLM_GTX_wrap: Texture coordinate wrap modes

Detailed Description

Functions and types that the GLSL specification doesn't define, but useful to have for a C++ program.

Experimental extensions are useful functions and types, but the development of their API and functionality is not necessarily stable. They can change substantially between versions. Backwards compatibility is not much of an issue for them.

Even if it's highly unrecommended, it's possible to include all the extensions at once by including <glm/ext.hpp>. Otherwise, each extension needs to be included a specific file.