Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
glmGLM namespace, it contains all GLSL based features
glm::coreGLM core. Namespace that includes all the feature define by GLSL 4.10.6 specification. This namespace is included in glm namespace
glm::core::functionSome of the functions defined in section 8 Built-in Functions of GLSL 1.30.8 specification
glm::core::function::commonDefine common functions from Section 8.3 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification. Included in glm namespace
glm::core::function::exponentialDefine all exponential functions from Section 8.2 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification. Included in glm namespace
glm::core::function::geometricDefine all geometric functions from Section 8.4 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification. Included in glm namespace
glm::core::function::integerDefine integer functions from Section 8.8 of GLSL 4.00.8 specification
glm::core::function::matrixDefine all matrix functions from Section 8.5 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification. Included in glm namespace
glm::core::function::packingDefine packing functions from section 8.4 floating-point pack and unpack functions of GLSL 4.00.8 specification
glm::core::function::trigonometricDefine Angle and trigonometry functions from Section 8.1 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification
glm::core::function::vector_relationalDefine vector relational functions from Section 8.3 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification
glm::core::typeScalar, vectors and matrices from section 4.1.2 Booleans, 4.1.3 Integers section, 4.1.4 Floats section, 4.1.5 Vectors and section 4.1.6 Matrices of GLSL 1.30.8 specification
glm::core::type::precisionNamespace for precision stuff
glm::gtcG-Truc Creation stable extensions
glm::gtc::half_floatGLM_GTC_half_float extension: Add support for half precision floating-point types
glm::gtc::matrix_accessGLM_GTC_matrix_access extension: Set a column or a row of a matrix
glm::gtc::matrix_integerGLM_GTC_matrix_integer extension: Add integer matrices
glm::gtc::matrix_inverseGLM_GTC_matrix_inverse extension: Inverse matrix functions
glm::gtc::matrix_transformGLM_GTC_matrix_transform extension: Add transformation matrices
glm::gtc::quaternionGLM_GTC_quaternion extension: Quaternion types and functions
glm::gtc::swizzleGLM_GTC_swizzle extension
glm::gtc::type_precisionGLM_GTC_type_precision extension: Defined types with specific size
glm::gtc::type_ptrGLM_GTC_type_ptr extension: Get access to vectors & matrices value type address
glm::gtxG-Truc Creation experimental extensions
glm::gtx::associated_min_maxGLM_GTX_associated_min_max extension: Min and max functions that return associated values not the compared onces
glm::gtx::bitGLM_GTX_bit extension: Allow to perform bit operations on integer values
glm::gtx::closest_pointGLM_GTX_closest_point extension: Find the point on a straight line which is the closet of a point
glm::gtx::color_castGLM_GTX_color_cast extension: Conversion between two color types
glm::gtx::color_spaceGLM_GTX_color_space extension: Related to RGB to HSV conversions and operations
glm::gtx::color_space_YCoCgGLM_GTX_color_space_YCoCg extension: RGB to YCoCg conversions and operations
glm::gtx::compatibilityGLM_GTX_compatibility extension: Provide functions to increase the compatibility with Cg and HLSL languages
glm::gtx::component_wiseGLM_GTX_component_wise extension: Operations between components of a type
glm::gtx::epsilonGLM_GTX_epsilon extension: Comparison functions for a user defined epsilon values
glm::gtx::euler_anglesGLM_GTX_euler_angles extension: Build matrices from Euler angles
glm::gtx::extendGLM_GTX_extend extension: Extend a position from a source to a position at a defined length
glm::gtx::extented_min_maxGLM_GTX_extented_min_max extension: Min and max functions for 3 to 4 parameters
glm::gtx::fast_exponentialGLM_GTX_fast_exponential extension: Fast but less accurate implementations of exponential based functions
glm::gtx::fast_square_rootGLM_GTX_fast_square_root extension: Fast but less accurate implementations of square root based functions
glm::gtx::fast_trigonometryGLM_GTX_fast_trigonometry extension: Fast but less accurate implementations of trigonometric functions
glm::gtx::gradient_paintGLM_GTX_gradient_paint extension: Compute a radient gradient according section OpenVG 1.1 specifications, 9.3.2 Radial Gradients
glm::gtx::handed_coordinate_spaceGLM_GTX_handed_coordinate_space extension: To know if a set of three basis vectors defines a right or left-handed coordinate system
glm::gtx::inertiaGLM_GTX_inertia extension: Create inertia matrices
glm::gtx::int_10_10_10_2GLM_GTX_int_10_10_10_2 extension: Add support for integer for core functions
glm::gtx::integerGLM_GTX_integer extension: Add support for integer for core functions
glm::gtx::intersectGLM_GTX_intersect extension: Add intersection functions
glm::gtx::log_baseGLM_GTX_log_base extension: Logarithm for any base. base can be a vector or a scalar
glm::gtx::matrix_cross_productGLM_GTX_matrix_cross_product: Build cross product matrices
glm::gtx::matrix_major_storageGLM_GTX_matrix_major_storage: Build matrices with specific matrix order, row or column
glm::gtx::matrix_operationGLM_GTX_matrix_operation: Build diagonal matrices
glm::gtx::matrix_queryGLM_GTX_matrix_query: Query to evaluate matrix properties
glm::gtx::mixed_productGLM_GTX_mixed_product extension: Mixed product of 3 vectors
glm::gtx::multipleGLM_GTX_multiple: Find the closest number of a number multiple of other number
glm::gtx::normGLM_GTX_norm extension: Various way to compute vector norms
glm::gtx::normalGLM_GTX_normal extension: Compute the normal of a triangle
glm::gtx::normalize_dotGLM_GTX_normalize_dot extension: Dot product of vectors that need to be normalize with a single square root
glm::gtx::number_precisionGLM_GTX_number_precision extension: Defined size types
glm::gtx::ocl_typeGLM_GTX_ocl_type extension: OpenCL types
glm::gtx::optimum_powGLM_GTX_optimum_pow extension: Integer exponentiation of power functions
glm::gtx::orthonormalizeGLM_GTX_orthonormalize extension: Orthonormalize matrices
glm::gtx::perpendicularGLM_GTX_perpendicular extension: Perpendicular of a vector from other one
glm::gtx::polar_coordinatesGLM_GTX_polar_coordinates extension: Conversion from Euclidean space to polar space and revert
glm::gtx::projectionGLM_GTX_projection extension: Projection of a vector to other one
glm::gtx::quaternionGLM_GTX_quaternion extension: Quaternion types and functions
glm::gtx::randomGLM_GTX_random extension: Generate random number from various distribution methods
glm::gtx::raw_dataGLM_GTX_raw_data extension: Projection of a vector to other one
glm::gtx::reciprocalGLM_GTX_reciprocal extension: Define secant, cosecant and cotangent functions
glm::gtx::rotate_vectorGLM_GTX_rotate_vector extension: Function to directly rotate a vector
glm::gtx::simd_mat4GLM_GTX_simd_mat4 extension: SIMD implementation of mat4 type
glm::gtx::simd_vec4GLM_GTX_simd_vec4 extension: SIMD implementation of vec4 type
glm::gtx::splineGLM_GTX_spline extension: Spline functions
glm::gtx::std_based_typeGLM_GTX_std_based_type extension: Add support vector types based on C++ standard type
glm::gtx::string_castGLM_GTX_string_cast extension: Setup strings for GLM type values
glm::gtx::transformGLM_GTX_transform extension: Add transformation matrices
glm::gtx::transform2GLM_GTX_transform2 extension: Add extra transformation matrices
glm::gtx::unsigned_intGLM_GTX_unsigned_int extension: Add support for unsigned integer for core functions
glm::gtx::vector1GLM_GTX_vector1 extension: 1 component vector
glm::gtx::vector_accessGLM_GTX_vector_access extension: Function to set values to vectors
glm::gtx::vector_angleGLM_GTX_vector_angle extension: Compute angle between vectors
glm::gtx::vector_queryGLM_GTX_vector_query extension: Query informations of vector types
glm::gtx::verbose_operatorGLM_GTX_verbose_operator extension: Use words to replace operators
glm::gtx::wrapGLM_GTX_wrap: Wrapping mode using my texture samping
glm::imgVIRTREV extensions
glm::virtrev_glmext::xstreamGLM_VIRTREV_xstream extension: Streaming vector and matrix in a xml way